Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Simulation and Modeling

Simulation is used in the design process of dynamic systems. The results of simulation are employed for validating a model, and they are helpful for the improvement of the design of a system with respect to both, qualitative and quantitative properties. The paper concentrates on these aspects and applications of simulation in education, advocates its presence in student curricula, presents building blocks of education modules for simulation and validation with respect to both content and method, discusses requirements for simulation and validation education, and finally suggests the integration of simulation teachware in virtual classrooms and distance learning environments. Modeling and simulation is almost necessarily based on modeling languages with precise semantics. In education as well as in practice, suitable computer tools should be employed. We suggest Petri nets with sequential semantics and partial order semantics as a modeling language. The contribution is based on experiences from several university courses on system modeling and simulation with Petri nets, including practical training. Moreover, relevant concepts from recent distance learning projects are mentioned.

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